7 Mile Breakdown as well as a Giveaway

I had 10 miles on the routine today, however around mile 2.5 I felt like I was hyperventilating. I was having my version of an stress and anxiety attack  (I’ve never had a legitimate stress and anxiety assault so I don’t know). I felt like I couldn’t breathe as well as I wished to shout […]

How To keep Running When You want To stop – 10 Ways

Contents hide How To keep Running When You want To Stop1. Control Your Breathing 2. Check Your Posture 3. eat Carbs 4. drink Fluids 5. Control Your MindFocus on the Positive Plan for Unpleasant Practices Fix the Issue 6. find a Distraction 7. focus on Something 8. find someone To Talk To 9. listen to […]

New Year new blog

It’s been a long and challenging year professionally and personally and I knew that I have not written much on my blog despite the good intentions last year. Time regrettably is lacking and it becomes challenging to be able to produce meaningful articles for the blog, despite the lots of drafts that sit in the […]

Air Fryer Mojo Potatoes recipe

ever feel like you’ve lost your RUNNING MOJO? Well… I have great news as well as fantastic news: The great news is – You can get your running mojo back fueled by potatoes! The fantastic news is – This recipe for Mojo Potatoes is a delicious method to fuel your body to crush your goals. […]

Cheap Running gear options

Hello! The other day I was at the 99 and was reminded this is the best place to buy throw away gloves for race day. That made me think about all the other cheap running gear options there are out there. Even though running seems like it should be a low cost sport – between […]

>Current markers of the athlete Blood Passport are not able to flag microdose EPO doping.

>The introduction of the athlete biological Passport (ABP) by the world Anti-Doping agency (WADA) is intended to equip anti-doping organizations with a robust framework in which to pursue anti-doping guideline violations and to support intelligent, targeted testing of athletes (WADA 2009). The physiological basis of this technique is that biological variables, typically maintained in homeostasis, […]

What To Do If Your cat Runs Away

Hello! How’s your day going? I am about to jump on a Skype call in 3 seconds but wanted to say a quick hey there first and see what you’re up to today! and I wanted to talk about something very severe – what to do if your cat runs away… 1. lace up your […]

New season new activities

So, here we are again, after the summer break the new sporting season is about to start in Doha. The development of activities at Aspire academy is now moving faster than ever. We are starting an exciting project with the Qatar Athletics Federation to work closely together to develop talents as well as establish a […]

Another fascinating Blog: Inigo Mujika

one more associate has lastly decided to compose something on a blog. Dr. Inigo Mujika is a world distinguished sports scientist currently working at the Araba sport Clinic. He has just started a blog offered right here as well as I am sure a great deal of fascinating material will be published in the future. […]

Crab Cakes!

I have been wanting to eat a great Maryland crab cake because we moved here. But, I haven’t truly went to a great seafood restaurant besides Philippe’s (which is a buffet, so it’s crab cakes are kinda mass produced). After a day driving to the coastline today we chose to end the day with crab […]