In Limbo

Today I tweeted that I was ill of being in Limbo as well as numerous of my fellow twitterers chirped in that they feel my pain. (source) MY newest VIDEOS Face Mask for Running or walking outside TIPS Face Mask suggestions for Running or walking outside during Coronavirus outbreak. Do you have to wear a […]

Must Eats in the OC

This morning I made some hardboiled eggs and forgot about them, so I had to “check one” to see if it was good. It was Then, I hit the gym for a strength session. I didn’t feel challenged on the leg moves, but felt like it was too hard on the arms. needs tweaking. I […]

One Apple One dollar

considering that I usually get create in bulk (at Costco) I don’t truly believe about exactly how much specific things expense individually. This afternoon I was craving an apple so I stopped in the store for an apple as well as DP. As the title says, the apple was $1.00. Interesting. I believe it’s a […]

Coca-Cola with Coffee evaluation

Coke Iced Coffee – REVIEW Coke with Coffee?? Yes. Coca-Cola has a new line of drinks out that are ‘Coke with Coffee’.  considering that I’m a fan of Coke Zero as well as Iced Coffee I bought a can of the Dark Roast as well as Vanilla Zero to try as well as evaluation for […]

Best method to offer with a poor RUN

3 tips to Run Better, Faster, & stronger – After a poor Run When something goes wrong during training – Observe & discover from it. It’s an important part of the process. Instead of getting upset with yourself or the circumstances that made your run additional difficult do these 3 things to discover from a […]

Frantic Friday

I woke up today feeling stressed out. I dislike that! It’s because I have a lot of things to do today and they will bother me until I am done. I made breakfast before working out this morning. My body is “off” from the long day of traveling last night. I ended up eating an […]

Naturebox Giveaway as well as new game

Last night I shown up house to be greeted Ben with a stack of peeled Cuties (those little oranges). I rapidly asked, “What is that all about?” fearing Ben wished to make some type of gross orange smoothie (remember his gatorade as well as strawberry combo?! No, thanks.). Apparently he got tired over the weekend […]

Breakfast stop working

I had some pumpkin in the fridge that needed to be eaten before it went bad, so last night I added it to overnight oats. For some reason I’m still in my “not feeling oats” phase though. I had been hoping that I’d utilize the pumpkin in a bowl of pumpkin oatmeal, but it never […]

FAKE famous – This Influencer’s take on how real It Is

new HBO Documentary ‘Fake Famous’ – Review. even though I didn’t set out to be an influencer and the word ‘influencer’ has negative connotations – I think I’m considered one. So, I’m sharing my thoughts on this new movie that sets out to make 3 random people ‘Instagram Famous’. Fake famous – review from an […]