A Fresh Start!

hey there as well as welcome to the new as well as improved Run,Eat,Repeat! I am thinking about this new look a part of my Fresh Start. I am extremely ecstatic to get a fresh begin as well as reevaluate my goals with running, fitness, health and wellness as well as this blog! I like […]

Popcorn disease

This afternoon I picked up a Publix sub sandwich for lunch. I don’t know if it’s because I can’t have them all the time or what, but I always look forward to them when I visit! Everyone was going to the films and I was going to opt out (I actually don’t like viewing films […]

Can Cats eat Pizza?

Hello! I am back house as well as even “home home” as I’m blogging from my mom’s! I have been traveling so much lately it was nice to get back to my community this weekend. MY latest VIDEOS I got A Covid-19 Test Getting a Coronavirus test – exactly how it works, what it feels […]

Rush rush!

I’m in a major rush because I made a same day doctor’s appointment  for this morning and I have to go in and take my test by noon! I woke up and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. I intended on doing some ab and arm work too, but now I don’t have time ? […]

Late Lunch – 1 is late!

1pm is a late lunch for me – I’m normally hungry by 11am or so. But, I got caught up in some work and my hunger went away (I think I just might have been thirsty). I wasn’t hungry around 1pm, but considering that i ate breakfast earlier than normal today I knew I must […]

Get Over Your Ex mix

I started this bit ol’ blog after I satisfied the person I’d marry one day. But, before the blog as well as before Ben I went with a truly really difficult break up. The type of break up where you believe your life is over as well as you do embarrassing things to get them […]

Eating By yourself

Hello! I made it home from Denver yesterday. It was a pretty smooth trip. I love when travel goes according to plan. It’s the little things I got to the airport with plenty of time before my Camiseta VfL Wolfsburg 11am flight and I was incredibly hungry for breakfast. I taken a look at all […]

Flashback Friday – hungry

pleased Friday! This morning I made Ben breakfast as well as lastly broke into the large box of oatmeal I purchased practically a year ago. It is from Costco as well as includes two 10 pound bags of oats. because I’m not a hardcore oatmeal eater this has lasted the longest time. MY newest VIDEOS […]

Transitioning an outside cat to inside

vegas is an inside/outside cat. I’d say he spent an hour or two outside everyday. but after getting into a bad cat fight recently I need to keep him inside all the time now. It sucks because he doesn’t understand why he is being forced to stay inside. It also sucks because he thinks I’m […]

Running When sick

Runners are strange Camiseta Brighton & Hove Albion FC people. They pay to run on public streets. They shoot boogers out of their noses onto the sidewalk. They spread vaseline in the oddest places. They suck tubes of jelly from foil packets like it’s their last meal. They smile while sweaty… MY newest VIDEOS I […]