Confession Thursday – Hangover Remedies

Let’s play a little drinking game – whenever I do a confession you take a shot… of water, hello. This is a family show. Confession Thursday MY most current VIDEOS Face Mask ideas for Running and walking Outside Face Mask for Running and walking outside during Coronavirus outbreak. Do you need to wear a mask? […]

Pile on the Miles inspect In Thanksgiving

happy Thanksgiving! What are you doing, running, eating today?? Now I’m running, eating as well as blogging from Ben’s hometown. It’s a sleepy lil city on the Gulf coastline of Florida. as well as I like it here! I started my day with a run… MY latest VIDEOS American dirt book review American dirt book […]

Winning margins in Vancouver

The 2010 winter season Olympics are over. It was absolutely brilliant! terrific atmosphere, wonderful venues, and many of all for us a gold medal to remember for years.   A terrific show where amazing athletes do outstanding things with state of the art technology. science and technology play nowadays a important role for success in […]

Friday Favorites–Plus Sized SI model

Hello! How’s it going? It is going gorgeously over here! MY latest VIDEOS Travel Jane Review Travel Jane portable urinal review. More Videos 0 seconds of 8 minutes, 1 second Next Up Before We Were Strangers Review 09:42 Live 00:00 08:21 08:01   Post-run fuel included this breakfast burrito. Eggs and carbs wrapped up and […]

Pile on the Miles Running challenge 2020

The annual pile on the Miles Running challenge Starts Nov 1st! join now to see how many miles you can run or walk this month! Get the free printable Running Tracker and Chase down your goals. plus there are daily check-ins here and on the @RunEatRepeat Instagram account to help you stay accountable and motivated. […]

Ruining All My Running stuff and POTM check In

Hello! How’s it going? yesterday I had two major fails – well, one was my fail and the other was my cat. He’s the worst. So earlier in the day I went for one last run in my favorite Mizuno Running shoes. MY most current VIDEOS 5 minute Run warm Up A Fast warm Up […]

Salads and fake Outs

sometimes I’ll take a picture of food, but then decide to eat something else. So, today I kinda feel like I’m “faking you out” with this picture of popcorn. I meant to have it with my salad, but ended up eating a piece of bread with PB and chocolate chips instead. Oops! That’s right, I […]

Linear encoder systems: A new kid on the block

In the last few years I have seen many companies develop linear encoder and accelerometry-based systems to measure power output during weightlifting exercises. This is mostly due to the fact that linear encoders and accelerometers are becoming relatively cheap and it is getting easier to write appropriate software routines to perform all measurements. I have […]