A different speed

one of my current goals is to get faster! I really want to break 4 hours in the marathon, but I have actually gotten slower in the past year rather than faster?! I don’t really like speed work, but I think it’s because I haven’t given it enough of a chance. This morning I tried […]

I’m Addicted to Sugar

Ben didn’t work today so we chose to do a “day date”. By the time we chose this it was lunch time so we picked the closest place, Sizzler. fancy huh. It’s hard to pile salad on a flat plate, so I had two… MY newest VIDEOS My beautiful wife in the Pysch Ward: A […]

Running to whole Foods for Tofu

Tonight I went to a bit blog writer satisfy up at whole Foods for dinner. The women got together for one a lot more night of fun before Sarah as well as I leave town for Christmas (rumor has it we are really reindeer as well as run Santa’s sleigh around the world).  I cannot […]

Green Tea Giveaway

hi as well as pleased Wednesday! this week is practically back to typical after I do that power-walking session with the business retreat tomorrow. I like being on a routine so I feel “off” a bit. Last night included a great deal of toast. I don’t understand why, however I’ve been craving toast! It likewise […]

Is owning a Manatee legal

Hello! I am still run,eat,repeating from Florida!! and it’s great. Last night’s sunset was magical. MY most current VIDEOS Before We Were Strangers Review Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino book review. Quick thoughts and recommendations for audio books. The story, narrator, review and a lot more on the A good listen series. More […]

Mexican Meatless Monday – Mexican Pizza

For this installment of Mexican Meatless Monday I wished to do a Mexican handle one of my preferred foods – Pizza! Pizza really may be my all time preferred food as well as I like trying new kinds. For this version I utilized a whole wheat pita as the “crust” as well as leftover refried […]