20 minute dinner as well as 20 minute Workout. Boom. I just figured out life.

Hola. How’s it going? I’m headed out of town Thursday night so this is a short week for me. Then, directly from there I’m going on one more blog trip – as well as that’s just the beginning. This month is going to be crazy.

Anyway. right here is your one stop shop for a 20 minute workout as well as 20 minute dinner as well as then spend 20 minutes on instagram as well as life is complete!
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20 minute workout

It’s truly challenging so let me understand if you requirement the steps damaged down or explained.

Crazy, right? Then, stretch for 5 minutes since you can just utilize dry shampoo as well as save a long time on your hair. #Boom

20 minute Dinner

I am trying to Camiseta Vissel Kobe spend time on the computer as well as not in the kitchen area this week so I threw together a 20 minute dinner that would provide me a great deal of leftovers. Boom.

This saves cooking time as well as cleaning time since cooking is not sexy, it’s just untidy as well as I don’t care what TV tells us…

I chosen up a poultry – shredded it. You can utilize any type of leftover meat or beans or whatnot you have.

Then, I layered corn tortillas, the meat, mushrooms as well as salsa. topped with cheese as well as baked up until melted.

Baked at 350 degrees up until heated through.


I made mine in an 8×8 pyrex as well as then split it up for leftovers.

See? Lazy, efficient, un-creative whatever you phone call it – it works for me.

Now I have to get prepared since tomorrow is my 2nd preferred day of the year (after Thanksgiving) Camiseta Kashima AntlersCamiseta Boca Juniors national Running Day!

Question: What are you eating tonight?



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